Core, Strength, Cardio, Endurance, Balance, and Flexibility Training in Every Class.

CORE10 Values

  • Progressive Overloading

  • Slow & Controlled Movement

  • Constant Tension

  • Multiple Muscle Group Recruitment to Muscle Failure

Simply Put – Muscles get stronger when forced to operate beyond the comfort zone. Challenge your limits and see results faster.


Pilates Classes in Omaha

Hardcore. Effective. Safe. And fun!

What's not to love?

CORE10 classes are intense, core-focused, full body workouts that burn fat and deliver faster, more effective results than traditional Pilates or strength training alone.

Our signature Full-Body classes are high-energy, music-driven workouts designed to give you the best possible workout in the shortest amount of time. While you can get good results with 2 classes/week, we recommend 3-4 weekly classes for faster, more dramatic results.

In 50 minutes, you will leave sweaty, out of breath and feeling inspired. 

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Stew L

I always thought Pilates was a "chick" workout. I could not have more wrong. Whether new or experienced Core10 Pilates will have the right workout for you. Great trainers, easy online scheduling, and convenient location.

Nicole J

I will never forget when Wendy introduced me to Pilates and the reformer over 10 years ago. It was truly a game changer!! CORE10 provides the most amazing classes and pushes you to limits they know you can achieve. I have back and neck issues and the workout on the reformer really brings relief to the pain. The atmosphere is welcoming, scheduling is a breeze and the trainers are fantastic! I am grateful for Core10 Pilates! Oh - and be ready to break a sweat :)

Deann W

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE this place - Once you try it you will be hooked! The instructors are amazing the studio is clean warm and welcoming, scheduling is easy and lots of times to choose from there are no excuses not to try it!"

Tammy R
"If you think you have tried Pilates, I challenge you to try Core10. This is unlike any other Pilates studio in town. You definitely get a cardio workout along with strength and stretching. If you leave class without sweating then you're not doing it right. Great studio!"

Kathy P
"Core10 is amazing! Exercising for me has always been such a chore, and I've never found a regimen that I actually enjoy until Pilates. I look forward to class every day. The instructors are outstanding – they’re are all so encouraging and helpful in working with varying experience levels and any physical restrictions. The class times are also super convenient and scheduled throughout the day, so I'm always able to find a time that fits in with my schedule. I'm so grateful that I found Core10!"

Dr. John McClaren
I am a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist and have been in practice for 14 years.  A constant struggle I have seen with a variety of patients from elite athletes to people dealing with neuro degenerative disorders is an inability to properly coordinate the body in optimal movement patterns.  Pilates is a phenomenal modality with regards to helping patients achieve this end.  Wendy Erven, owner of CORE10 Pilates, is the best in her field at recognizing movement deficiencies people have and is able to give these people of any walk of life what they need in order to improve function, move better, and feel better."