Pilates is one of the best ways to get strong, fit and flexible. It can even be an effective rehabilitation component for people who are recovering from joint and spinal injuries. With your own body weight and a few different types of Pilates equipment, you can be well on your way to experiencing the benefits of this type of exercise for yourself.  CORE10 Pilates in Omaha specializes in helping people get strong fit and flexible. Core10 has 50 weekly classes that include Beginners classes and all-levels Full Body classes.  Check out the schedule online HERE.  In the meantime, check out a few commonly used pieces of equipment below.

Types of Pilates Equipment

Pilates Machines

While some do mat pilates without any equipment at all, many choose to use a Pilates machine to enhance the quality of results. Machines give you something to push and pull, and allow for hundreds of exercise options to target muscle you didn’t even know existed – but are important in posture and functional movement.

Each of the machines below offers users unique levels of resistance and exercises.

  • Pilates Reformer: Offers a smooth, low-impact exercise session thanks to its light, medium, and heavy resistance features. The carriage of the reformer slides up and down the machine’s frame, and the Reformer features an adjustable footbar, and straps with handles on them to enhance the intensity of your workout.
  • Pilates Tower: The most ideal tower is one that mounts to the back of the reformer, allowing integration from the reformer and tower springs. You can also use the tower on its own without the reformer, but having it mounted to the reformer gives such variety in your workouts. This creates an incredible full body workout when you work springs from all angles – front, back and side ways. Some towers are mounted to the wall (instead of the reformer) and give tension through springs, which allows users to do a variety of exercises standing. laying down and working sideways from the unit.
  • Pilates Chair: A much smaller type of Pilates equipment, the chair consists of a sturdy base that includes handlebars and spring-loaded foot pedals. Core10 Pilates prefers to set the chairs between tower poles so users have a better grip of poles to help balance as needed. Although the chair may not have  the wide assortment of exercises that reformers and tower do, the chair does have some incredibly fun and challenging moves that can only be done on this piece of equipment.
  • Arc Barrel: This piece of equipment can be placed on a reformer to further enhance the variety of exercises and angles to work the muscles, It also can be used on it’s own and is a great piece to have at home for workouts. The barrel features a gentle curve that helps decompress and lengthen the spine. It can be used during to increase the challenge of an exercise or offer support during exercises.

Pilates Accessories

In addition to various machines, there are several types of accessories that are designed to complement a Pilates workout.

Pilates Mat

In the absence of a machine, you’ll need a mat if you are practicing Pilates on the floor. Typically made from foam or vinyl, these mats are similar to yoga mats, but they are usually thicker to offer more comfort and protection from hard floors.

Pilates Magic Circle

The Pilates ring is usually about 13 inches in diameter and is made from a flexible metal or rubber. Providing gentle to moderate resistance, it is used to help stabilize various muscle groups during your exercise session.

Resistance Bands

One of the most popular types of Pilates accessories in a mat class, resistance bands that are flat and ribbon-like can make a great addition to your Pilates routine. They are incredibly versatile and offer a low-tech solution for varying degrees of resistance.

West Omaha Pilates Studio

Are you searching for a Pilates studio in Omaha that incorporates various types of Pilates equipment into its classes? If so, check out Core10 Pilates! Our classes are high-intensity, low-impact sweat sessions that target all 640 muscles in the body in every class – sometimes in a single move!

Give us 50 minutes 3 times a week, and you will get results. Core10 Pilates is your go-to Pilates studio to get strong, fit and flexible.

6 Essentials classes available weekly for beginners. Over 40 weekly Full Body classes to fit any busy schedule (these are all-levels).

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