No need to spend time trying to figure out what to do, how to do it, or motivate yourself through workouts on your own.

Get Strong, Toned & More Flexible – It takes just 10 classes to see a difference!

The Challenge

  • 1 Month of Unlimited Classes  – Your 30 days begins the day of your first class. Start with Essentials are ideal for anyone new, but you can take the Full Body classes if they work better in your schedule. As a brand new Challenger, we’ll give you extra help in any class you attend.
  • Clean Eating – The work has been done for you, right down to weekly shopping lists. This is a balanced plan that gives you variety, flavor, abundance, and fat loss. We’ll email it to you when you sign up for the Challenge so you can start planning right away. So many Core10 Members have already had great success with this plan. Check out their stories below. 
  • Get 10,000 Steps A Day – Every Day of Your Challenge
  • Book It – Book your classes, get there 5-10 minute prior to the start of classes, bring water and grip socks (or plan to purchase a pair when you get there – they are required). Yes, you’ll be sore the first 1-2 weeks – everyone is! Even the most seasoned athletes get sore in all the right spots! Stay hydrated and know that it will pass. You’ll get stronger leaner and more flexible in just 10 sessions. 
  • 12-Hour Cancellation Policy. Late cancellation fee: $15  No-show fee: $20

It’s Easy To Start:

  • Sign up today and get the Clean Eating Plan + Unlimited Classes for 30 days for $269
  • Start booking your classes through the MindBody App or through the Class Schedule page
  • This is a limited-time offer. Reserve one of the 15 openings available now and start seeing results!

Core10 Challenge Alumni

I don’t even know where to begin to explain the impact that Core10 has had in my life…the instructors, the community of people – incredible!
When I joined in Core10, I was coming off a lumbar fusion 8 months prior. I didn’t know what to expect, but from day one, the instructors as a united front embraced me, encouraged me, and pushed me, while being mindful of my back..


Here is what I have learned:

  • Core10 is like no other workout
  • Core10’s owner, Wendy, is always progressive. Keeping the members curious, engaged, and motivated are top priorities.
  • Core10’s instructors…all have their own unique strengths, they deliver a universal class, while being sensitive to people and their needs. They push us to excel while being mindful of our individual situations They ROCK!
  • Probably the ultimate for me and why I LOVE Core10 is the understanding and camaraderie of the Core10 Community… instructors, members, and newcomers. It’s indescribable. GREAT place, GREAT people, GREAT Workout!!
Without any reservation, I would recommend and encourage anyone to try Core10.
Kim M


Jessica and her husband take 5-6 weekly classes at Core10.
After finishing the Clean Eating Challenge, Jessica said,
“I lost 4 lbs, 1.5 inches in the waist and about 3/4 inch in the hips (really pleased with the results, I usually have a tough time with this area).
Grant lost 11 lbs and 2 inches off his waist! We are starting over with the entire plan again today and plan to continue this style of eating!”

Yes – Core10 is for Men