Choose Your Challenge, Commit to Each for 30 days:

We’ll track these on the Challenge Wall at Core10 for accountability and inspiration (and stickers!)

        • Jan 13th – Commit to 1-2
        • Jan 27th – Add 1 more
        • Feb 3rd – Add 1 more
  1. Eat Real Food

    Eliminate processed foods. Choose fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. Want a meal plan to help you eat clean? We’re happy to email you the Core10 Clean Eating Plan. Members can email us at come to request it.

  1. Limit Sugar

    Focus on no added sugar while maintaining sugar to 30 grams or less. Tap HERE to learn about fruits that are lower in sugar.

  1. Eliminate Dairy from Your Diet

You may see a significant change in bloating, gas, weight loss, digestion, mucus, and energy.  Click HERE for sources of dairy-free calcium.

  1. Track Your Calories In & Out with One of These Free Apps:

MyFitnessPal         Lose  It          My Diet Coach          Yazio          Calorific          My Plate          Fitocracy Macros

  1. Drink Half Your Weight in Ounces Every Day

    Add fresh lemon juice and reap even more benefits!  This is above any other beverage…coffee, tea & soda don’t count.

  2. Sleep 7 Hours Per Night

    This is just the minimum…we’re not holding you back from getting more sleep!  This may take planning to get to bed earlier but it’s so worth it!  Uninterrupted sleep is necessary for optimal health.  Try the Sleep Cycle app and see what’s happening in your sleep cycle.

  1. 12-Hour Fast From Last Meal To The First In The Morning

This gives your body time to detox overnight and will help you stop any late-night eating.  Short 12-hour fasting periods may result in weight loss, improved metabolic flexibility, and lower the risk of metabolic diseases.

Consider fasting other ways (TAP HERE to learn more). One of the most common Intermittent Fasting is the 16:8 (16 hours fast with an 8-hour eating window). TAP HERE to learn more.

TAP HERE to check out 7 apps that make Intermittent Fasting so much more easier (and more fun!)