CORE10 classes are high-energy, music-driven Pilates workouts that are designed to give you the best possible workout in the shortest amount of time. After just 50 minutes, you’ll leave sweaty, out of breath, and inspired because you feel the results and see the changes!

Our Pilates classes are designed for everyoneall levels, ages, and body types can benefit from our instruction. Variations are made based on an individual’s experience level to make the workout easier and harder.

All of our motivational trainers know their stuff and they won’t let you wimp out. They’ll help you fine-tune your form and technique so you get the most out of every class and every exercise.

Pilates workouts allow you to:

  • Define muscles and burn fat – even hours after the workout!
  • Get  a stronger, healthier body without putting stress on the joints or spine.
  • Experience faster, more effective results than traditional Pilates or strength training alone.
  • Join an inspiring community of like-minded people in a welcoming environment.
  • Sleep better every single night.
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