Wendy Erven

Wendy is the founder and Program Director CORE10. Originally from Northern California, she moved to Nebraska in 2002 and hasn’t looked back since (except on very cold days in winter). She has a Bachelor of Science in Fitness Management, decades of experience, and multiple certifications in the fitness industry.

Her claim to fame is being the first Pilates and Yoga Instructor for the Oakland Raiders many years ago. She’s likely the driving force that got them to the Super Bowl in 2002 😉

What she loves about teaching: Seeing people get results that they work for. “There’s nothing better than getting pics from clients of before and afters, and comments about the life-changing benefits they’re getting from their Core10 workouts!”

What you may not know: She’s loves rollerblading. She skates her dog regularly and has even trained him to run on the treadmill during Omaha’s winter months.

Favorite Core10 Exercise: Saw to the tower…from the tower, Diagonal Saw, Saw with knee pulls, Wheelbarrow (there’s a Saw in it). And Tower Lunges.

Lori Johnson

Lori is a well-known and reputable Fitness Professional in the Omaha Metro. She’s the mother of one daughter and is an incredible role-model of wellness, beauty, and balance. She’s a native Nebraskan, raised in Lincoln, with an incredible list of education and experience. She’s has a Bachelor of Science in Education and Exercise Science, and has taught just about every format of exercise there is in fitness.

What she loves about teaching: Bringing people together in a fun exercise environment

Favorite thing to do: Going to concerts!

Favorite Core10 Exercise: Barrel Ab Series and Tower Lunges

Amy Skolaut

Amy “gives the best tips to take your form from good to great” according to many of our CORE10 members. She’s a full-time Orthopedic Physical Therapist whose quest is to diminish “Dormant Butt Syndrome” one person at a time in her own practice and as a CORE10 Trainer.

What she loves about teaching: Establishing relationships and helping people evolve into their best selves.

What you may not know: Amy is an accomplished chef and baker! You’d know this if you’ve attended her Friday 4:15 “Happy Hour” class!

Favorite Core10 Exercise: Anything off the tower end of the reformer

Anne Thielen

Anne was a Pro at Core10 as a student for almost 3 years before she decided to join the Core10 Team in 2018. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business from UNL and has accumulated hundreds of hours in Yoga and Pilates training through various Master Trainers and organizations (Balanced Body and Stott).

What she loves about teaching: Helping students recognize the essence of a particular exercise and then executing it with awareness and confidence.

What you may not know: Anne’s a grandma and her favorite hobby is playing with her granddaughter!

Favorite Core10 Exercise: Teaser with the rolldown bar